[INTERVIEW] Epais Returns to AMHradio Sat 4/23 with his new show "F.U.Ms UP"

Before we get into things can you tell us a little about yourself?


Yo I'm Épais, I make Electronic music and am currently doing a lot of work with All My Homies.


You have a new radio show that will be on AMHradio, can you tell  us a little bit more about this show?

 The new show is going to be focussing on UK Music, the Grime and Hiphop scene as one and all varieties of Electronic music through up and coming artists. 



In the past, you did a radio show called "The midweek madness" will your new show be similar to "The midweek madness"?

It's going to have a lot of new content such as regular artist hot seats, interviews and performances, but also will have the same funny stuff it's always had.


What are you looking to achieve with your new radio show?

The new show is going to help build a culture for A.M.H in the UK scene and help up-and-coming artists get the exposure they deserve.



Will artist and/or record labels be able to submit music to the show? if so how can they go about that?

Of Course We want as many submissions as possible so get them all into epaismusic@gmail.com and let me know a bit about yourself too!


When can we expect "F.U.Ms UP" to go live?

Every weekend Starting April 23rd, which is this Saturday  8-11pm GMT / 3pm- 5pm EST Only on www.mixlr.com/amhradio If you happen to miss the show, you will be able to catch the podcast on the A.M.H soundcloud. www.soundcloud.com/allmyhomies1