|Relive A Moment| RECAP: The AMH Experience 10-19-17

October 19th 2017

The Social

Orlando, Fl

Did you miss the epicness that was The AMH Experience? If so no worries we will be back and everytime it gets bigger! For now grab a nice refreshing beverage and press play to get just a pinch of amazing the vibes were! Can you feel the vibe!? Stay tuned for information on the next Experience! . . . 🎥: @hallcommagabby Beat by: @beatsbyquest

Bar None: Lyrical BreakDown | SuCoo - Homicide Squad

Lyrical Breakdown Series
SuCoo - Homicide Squad Verse. 2 


I like to ball like I'm playing for team
I'm only playing for me
And she agree she play the D
I get the V
Victory hickory sweet
P piss on u youngins like R. Kelly pee
Feelin froggy nigga leap
I'm just chillin Sip tea
Kermit go WB
Fuck a piggie for the free
Fuck a piggy for the free
Look at me black means throw the book at me
Black means look at culture u took from me
Acme brothers acne butter face plant on some brick shit
Coyote ugly that's a line dance on these bars niggas
iTune ur car up with my tunes I'm brought up like IQs in Horus
I see u with ya little bit of hope in u
Hopefully this world don't open up both of those eyes to the ropes in yothe sky
Painted like basqiats granted it's tainted like Olympic starting blocks
Fuck it u got the juice

New Vibes to keep the summer going | Kb da Boss ft MVLIK of H&D - 1up

Everybody wants just a little bit more of summer right? Well fret not ladies and gentlemen Kb da Boss teams up with MVLIK of H&D to bring you the heater known as 1up.  Filled with high energy and great vibes its sure to have your rocking through the rest of the year! Take a listen and share it with your friends!