[INTERVIEW + NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT] Rezza Speaks about his latest Song/Music video for "Gold"

What's good world!? (or the people who decided to click this article and read it). Y'all are the real MVP's! You should praise yourselves and start a cult or something! (^_^) It's your homie John Q here and this is the very first entry of the new interview series thing that I'm doing. I've really never explored the avenue of writing because in school the teachers told me I write too informal and blah blah blah, but hey fuck it! No one else will write articles about me and the talented people I know so shit I might as well do it! In this article I had a sit down with the fellow homie Rezza who holla'd at me about his latest song and music video. 

(P.S.) I haven't figured out a name for the interview series yet so if you have some suggestions drop it in the comments! 

Let's get started Rezza! what's up man how have you been lately?


-Everything has been good man. Finally getting back on track with my music and getting ready to put brand new content out for all my fans on a regular basis now. Feels like I haven't been making much new music but the past couple months I have been doing shows with Waka Flocka, Funk Volume, Ying Yang Twins and Curren$y so you can say I’ve been keeping busy.



As the single, how is gold reflective of your upcoming project? (if there is one)

-I actually don’t have any upcoming projects planned as of now but Gold is reflective on my new found style in music. I have been taking time off of writing music so that I could find my true voice in music and you could say that Gold is definitely a reflection of what is to come from my new music.

So You have blessed us with the Music video for your new song Entitled "Gold" Is there any particular reason you named the song “Gold

-I simply like the finer things in life I guess you could say. It all goes to the chorus talking about how I need Gold all in my life. To live this lifestyle I have dreamed about and to support the ones that have supported ME from Day 1. I want to give back to the people that made an impact in my life by giving them a share of the Gold I’m striving for.


So like for real can you tell us what the fuck is going on in the video?


-So pretty much the video starts off with a glass of wine being poured since my wild nights always start off with a drink. Next scene flips to two girls in my bed after a long night of partying and just getting faded with me ending up in a Ménage à trois. Once they pass out I am still up late night thinking about life stumbling around the house in a drunken fade just thinking about my life and whats been going on. I snap back into it and start coming back into realization with myself and thats when the flow switches up and gets a little more intense and flickers to the photoshoot scene. This scene pretty much is like the other part of my life. Getting up from a hangover and getting on my music grind but looking at it from a third person perspective and singing about why I do what I do with music. Simply to grind for the life I want to live and give back to others


Does the song and video draw from any personal experiences?


-The whole threesome thing? Yeah that's happened.. multiple times to be straight up.



Do you really like your women gold? Is that racist?


-Haha I like all types of woman but I do like a woman that has goals to grind at the same level as me. I can’t just be with any regular girl. She has to be on my same mindset.


So in the song you say "from the outside looking in im fine, but on the inside looking out im dying" is this a cry for help? should I call the save-a-friend hotline?


-It’s more of me realizing I have been in this depressed point in my life and I am using music to recover from it and find out who I truly am so that I can get back to my true happiness.


Okay being serious now, what would you like for people to take away from "Gold" and its music video?


-The main thing I want people to take away from this video is to understand my life. People don’t really know too much about me because I don’t really talk unless spoken to. Music is the way of me expressing my emotions and telling my life so I want people to see what I have been going through in life.


Alright man let the world know where they can track you and follow you?



-Twitter: @R3zza

-Instagram: Rezza352


Also what should people expect to see and hear when they follow you on social media?


- I post a lot of footage from shows and events I perform at as well as previews of new material I’m working on so if you are looking for a sneak peek than you will want to press that follow button.