The Team

All My Homies (A.M.H) is an independent record label / Music Collective. It is home to a collective of creative musicians,

photographers, videographers, djs, and graphic designers.

A.M.H is based out of Orlando, FL  and was established April 17th 2011 in Gainesville, FL. 

At A.M.H, we aspire to revolutionize the music industry While creating an family like Culture that promotes Peace, and spreads GOOD VIBES.


John Q

Co/Founder | Vocalist | Director of Marketing | Business Development & Partnerships | A&R | DJ | Radio Host


Anna Marie

Photographer | Videographer | Social Media


Kb Da Boss

Co/Founder | Vocalist | Business Development & Partnerships | Videographer | Photographer | Graphic Designer | Radio Host 

Marcus Penilla

Marketing | Business Development & Partnerships