Shamar Alion

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Shamar Alion moved to Ocala, Florida at the age of 15. Music had always been an integral part of his life since childhood, with roots singing in the church choir since he was 9 years old. It was after high school that his role as musician began to materialize as a career. At the time, Shamar Alion went by "Yodi Fresh," and paired up with his good friend Jamal Davis to form the group "Blind Perfection." During this time he also began to really find an identity in terms of who he was an aritst and how he approached music: "The name Blind Perfection came from my personal definition of music. Music can be perfect to you, but no matter how perfect it is, you still never see it."

After 4 years and a few tours throughout the state of Florida, Blind Perfection eventually dissolved due to creative differences in 2013. It was after this that Shamar re-aligned himself with his childhood friends from Ocala. They had moved to Orlando and formed an independent artist-run collective "All My Homies." Shamar also ditched the Yodi Fresh moniker and re-established his own identity as a solo artist. The name "Shamar Alion" incorporate the words "martian" and "alien" by design. "My name came from me feeling so alienated as a musician, as opposed to everyone else in the world isn't a creative. I feel so distant from people who can't comprehend my artistry, as if I'm from another planet."

Now established on this path, Shamar Alion plans to showcase his talents as both a rapper and a singer and looks to release a lot of new music in 2017. His goal is to reveal his talents to worth not just as a musician but as a creative, whether that extends to fashion, acting, or as a full-fledged entertainer.