The 2 Hour Takeover

Sundays 6-8pm EST
The 2 Hour Takeover is bringing you the hottest new future sound and interviews from artists around the world. John Q keeps the energy high and the vibes flowing every week. Make sure you tell a friend to tell your friends to tune in.

"You already know what it is."


across the pond

Saturdays 3-5pm EST // 8-10pm GMT

Épais is all about bringing you the freshest vibes from the UK. Each Saturday the show features a different unique style and genre, keeping you up to date with what's current, what's on the rise and what people enjoy most. Regularly featuring special guests, the show keeps with the AMH vibe as well as giving Épais Top 5 Underground tracks of the week, to keep you in the loop.


getfree radio

Wednesdays 8-10pm EST

GetFree Radio is the best source of music and eclectic mix playing every Tuesday night. With dedicated nights honoring music legends like J Dilla and a constant stream of high quality remixes, you can't ever go wrong with tuning into this show. Hosted and run by DJ NZO, it's a go to.

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