Bar None: Lyrical BreakDown | SuCoo - Homicide Squad

Lyrical Breakdown Series
SuCoo - Homicide Squad Verse. 2 


I like to ball like I'm playing for team
I'm only playing for me
And she agree she play the D
I get the V
Victory hickory sweet
P piss on u youngins like R. Kelly pee
Feelin froggy nigga leap
I'm just chillin Sip tea
Kermit go WB
Fuck a piggie for the free
Fuck a piggy for the free
Look at me black means throw the book at me
Black means look at culture u took from me
Acme brothers acne butter face plant on some brick shit
Coyote ugly that's a line dance on these bars niggas
iTune ur car up with my tunes I'm brought up like IQs in Horus
I see u with ya little bit of hope in u
Hopefully this world don't open up both of those eyes to the ropes in yothe sky
Painted like basqiats granted it's tainted like Olympic starting blocks
Fuck it u got the juice