AMHradio & The 2 Hour Takeover 1 Year Anniversery Show TONIGHT!

Today officially marks one year for The 2 Hour Takeover. We can't thank you enough to those who have been truly rockin with us all the way through. From the shares, to the likes, to the telling your friend to tell a friend to tell another friend to tune in, or simply spreading the love of our talents, be it music or entertainment, and even our photography/videography (shoutout to @historiaphotos ), It means a lot. We look forward to bringing you all much more progression in not only our radio show, but from each one of our talented homies here at the AMH Headquarters. Many projects are soon to drop, and we have already begun the releases with #RememberRaven by @im_johnq ft. @demetrius_slymm_cobb , @kbdaboss , and @sucoo and the much anticipated AMH Compilation that you can find on our website at You can also look forward to #AboutLastNight releasing December from our homie @kbdaboss, and many more projects from @rezza352, @sucoo (who also does #SucooSaturdays, which means he releases something every Saturday so be sure to follow him), @da_real_bravo , and @demetrius_slymm_cobb which will soon be announced. Until then, again we thank you. Hope everyone has a great, productive, and/or relaxing Sunday, and be sure to tune in with us TONIGHT!!

Live 7pm-9pm( or 10pm)