John Quincy Pearce is an American rapper, DJ, radio personality, and the co-founder of the Orlando Florida based music collective entitled "All My Homies". Born in Queens NY, and later relocating to Florida, John Q began his rap career in 2006 when him and a group of friends began making music after school to stay out of trouble. In 2011, John Q Co-founded the music Collective "All My Homies" with the intent of creating a social community of people from many different backgrounds and cultures who are music lovers looking to spread good music, networks, and positive energy. In 2016, John Q teamed up with fellow All My Homies artist SuCoo to create an Iconic Lo-Fi hip hop EP entitled "Supa Q", self-reflective project with production tailor-made for the onset of winter. Two MCs who pride themselves on their lyrical prowess take it a step further this project with very introspective content. Slowly peeling off layers of their lives, they touch on everything from their inequities in relationships to their battles with the society’s confines. As of 2018, John Q continues to work on singles as well as grow the foundation of the music collective All My Homies. Be sure to follow the growth and the culture.

You can listen to “The 2 Hour Takeover” radio show by All My Homies on VC Radio.