Rapper | DJ | Producer | Engineer

With the internet being the ultimate common ground for music, it’s only natural that All My Homies would recruit overseas talent who see creativity through a different lens. Paul Varndell aka EPAIS was born on April 15, 1995 in Southampton, England. Since 12, he has been singing, playing guitar and experimenting with synthesizers until he found a path in electronic music. The 21-year-old's love for synths sparked his passion for producing trap and jersey style beats, thus with EPAIS’ feel-good bounce and energetic festival sounds, the British artist is a staple in AMH, rounding out the crew as a musical collective.

EPAIS describes himself as a product of every type of music he has ever listened to; from remixing hits by Adele to Ed Sheeran, he creates his own vibrant electronic interpretation. Early 2015 was when John Q of AMH reached out to EPAIS to be a special guest on the 2 Hour Takeover Show, both artists clicked and Q made him the newest addition to the group.

Since then, Épais has made remixes for other AMH artists such as KB Da Boss' 'Too Much' as well as writing and producing a range of originals with the squad. Most recently teaming up with Rezza for his track 'Fire', Épais says himself, "No matter what I make, I'll try and keep that quirky Épais feel throughout" and it's clear to see.

Speaking with Épais he says, "2017 is going to see a lot of growth for me as an artist. I'm dropping my brand new remix on New Years Day, featuring more rap vocals from myself and that's where I want to take things. More rapping from me, more beats and more bangers."