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The Millennial's Troubadour

Orlando's Renaissance Man is more than a disc jockey, he's a sonic connoisseur that strikes on all platforms. His multiplicity knows no bounds and no binds. Dub, Ska, and Dancehall was the commencement, but just as every King needs a Queen, this music King found his Queen in Queens, New York. New York provided the other half of his musical marriage.

Growing up listening to sample and lyrical geniuses like Slick Rick, DJ Premier, Nas, and A Tribe Called Quest, Nzo learned that titles are just titles, and once the content is cracked open and dug a little deeper, many songs derive from all facets of cultures.

Venturing into a range of genres daily, DJ Nzo has sets that toy with Dubstep samples, EDM drops, and 80's acapellas. But that's just one branch of the mind of DJ Nzo. Constantly blending, pushing, and mixing songs from all over the world; as well as, all over the timeline, the possibilities are endless. Embracing all peoples and all peoples' music DJ Nzo's work is a blossoming flower that grows over walls, never allowing to be captured. Music is much too big to be categorized or caged, its purpose is to grow and accept, and that is exactly what one hears and feels when experiencing DJ Nzo.